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Bridge into the Woods

About Us

tO believe

Our faith walk begins with a belief in the Lord Jesus Christ, but it doesn’t end there. Our decision to follow Jesus doesn’t remove all our doubts, habits, struggles and sin, but it does give us a foundation to build on. Believing in Jesus is the beginning of a journey of learning to trust God’s wisdom, correction, promise and affirmation found in His Word, The Bible.

To belong

Our faith walk through life is not meant to be a journey we travel alone. God’s family, the Church, offers encouragement, support, accountability and a place to grow spiritually. Our desire is to create a warm and friendly family environment where people feel they belong, regardless of their background, struggles, race, education or life choices. MVC is not for perfect people, but for imperfect people who worship a perfect God!

To becomE

Each of us have been created on purpose with a purpose. Our faith walk is a journey to discovering God’s purpose for each one of us. At MVC we wish to disciple and mentor one another to becoming what God created us to be – i.e. discovering each person’s potential through opportunities to serve one another with our unique gifts from the Holy Spirit, our unique personalities, and our unique passions in life.

statement of faith

our core values
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