Our leadership Team

Darryn and

Darryn & Kim are parents to two lovely girls. Darryn has a passion for preaching and teaching and has a vision to see God’s Word unpacked and made both relevant & practical in todays modern world. Their vision for the Church is to see people being whole-hearted with God, open-hearted with each other and broken-hearted for the vulnerable.

Neil & Kirsten have been a part of Mountain View since 2018. Together, they own a construction company and are blessed to homeschool their six children. Through many types of ministries and church projects, they’ve been committed to helping people connect meaningfully. Their passion is seeing church family life encourage deep growth, authentic relationships, and putting Jesus Christ’s love for the world into action.

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Andrew and Micah


Andrew and Micah have enjoyed living in the community of Chilliwack and being part of Mountain View's church family since 2019. They have so far enjoyed teaching Sunday school and hosting/leading a life group and are now excited to serve on the elders team together. They are parents to four great kids and one of their favorite family activities is exploring the beauty of the  outdoors together

Menno and Marie have been blessed with five healthy, energetic children.

Marie serves in the children’s ministry and Menno is focused on the music and worship.  Recently they have joined the leadership team with a focus to continue serving.

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Marie and menno