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Welcome to the online church library! I am your librarian, Melissa McQuade. Due to the pandemic and not being able to meet in person, we are no longer able to use the library as we used to. In order to make our selection of books more accessible I have catalogued and categorized the books and made them available online.


To request a book, simply locate the book in our catalog and send me an email to Include in the email: (1) Your name, (2) the book(s) title(s), and (3) the name of the author(s). Books will be available for contact-less pick-up at the McQuade house. Once read, books can be dropped off at the McQuade house. If you are unable to leave your house for any reason, arrangements can be made to have the books dropped off at your own house. If you have any questions, (or you have a book you would like to donate) please contact me.

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